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MVP Fitness and Sport Performance

MVP Programs

Personal Training

"Sports-style" conditioning is not (and should not be) reserved for athletes. Ours bodies move in 3-D, and your conditioning program should be designed to help you not only get stronger, but move with confidence. We connect muscle with movement, allowing you to train harder AND smarter. You will become stronger a more powerful.

Your fitness regimen will include:

Balance Training

Cardiovascular and Heart-rate Training

Dynamic Core Conditioning (Strength and Power)


Resistance Training with weights and variable resistance (resistance tubing)


We will also provive nutritional guidance to help you optimize your program and improve your overall health.


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Group Training

Semi-private, and group training is available for up to six participants. Choose a six-week, or twelve-week program. Programs include:



Sport Balance

Sport Core

Sport Movement

Sport Strength

General Fitness


Check our Programs and Pricing page for group training rates.

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Performance Conditioning

MVP Sport Performance has training programs specifically designed to improve speed, agility, balance, strength, and power, with a special focus on injury prevention. 


Sports Performance Programs for:







Athletic Performance Programs designed to improve:



Jumping and Landing

Movement Mechanics




Weightlifting (Olympic Style) Performance

Training The Injured Athlete

Though no athlete wants to be sidelined, injuries do happen. We have programs specifically designed to help you maintain strength and motivation until you are "ready for play."


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Training With Us

About Your Trainer

"MVP" is an acronym for "Mobile, Versatile, and Productive," three things we all want to be. As someone who has struggled with weight issues (I once weighed 260lbs), I am aware of the challenges life presents that cause us to make poor choices. My goal is to help you change your life through exercise and proper nutrition. As competitive athlete, I am presently aware of the challenges athletes must endure to remain competitive in their respective sports. I have programs that will teach how to properly train and fuel your body to maintain peak performance."

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